Thursday, 6 December 2012

Advent Calendar, Door Six - Eddy & the T-Bolts

Today's Christmas cracker comes from one of the bands who have been kind/foolish enough to play one of my gigs this year.

Eddy & the T-Bolts are one of the most fun bands I've seen this year, and their debut album Medium Rare is a riff packed, shouty, singalong beast of a record.

Their festive offering will be quite familiar to those that know the band, or have listened to stuff I've posted by them while gig pimping etc, since it's a rewritiing of one of their other songs (one of my favourite ones, as it goes).

Suitably big, brash, and tons of fun, Santa MacClaus is a free download here.

Eddy & the T-Bolts have one last gig this year, on December 12th at Bar Bloc.

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