Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Review: Carnivores/Pacific Theatre - Split Single

I don't know, you spend half your time complaining there's nothing decent in Paisley then two bands come at you at once. Carnivores and Pacific Theatre have both been around for a while now, steadily making names for themselves from regular gigging, now they have teamed up to release a split single together. Both bands hail from Paisley, and both have three members, but there the similarities end.

Carnivores contribute Five Go Mad On Mescaline, a vicious warning about abusing ketamine. It is a ferocious little number, all snarls and shouts, distorted guitars and pounding guitars, that rattles along at a fair old pace, like a three and a half minute adrenaline rush. Lurking amongst the noise is an excellent song too, with hooks and melodies forcing themselves to the forefront, demanding attention and worming their way into your head. If the title's nod to The Comic Strip didn't give it away already then the lyrics confirm that Carnivores have no shortage of wit about them either. Five Go Mad on Mescaline isn't terribly subtle, but it is fun and thrilling, and a far better use of your money than dodgy horse tranquilizers.

Pacific Theatre's half of the split single, Was There Distance? is much more restrained in comparison, providing a nice bit of variety. Pacific Theatre aim more for the anthemic, and Was There Distance? certainly comes close, while happily avoiding clich├ęs or sounding too much like the band's influnces. Certain other bands ploughing the same furrows would kill for a song as catchy as Was There Distance? and certainly for its harmony laden sing along chorus. Lovely stuff.

Carnivores: MySpace
Pacific Theatre: MySpace

Five Go Mad On Mescaline/Was There Distance is released on September 20th on CD and download. There is a launch gig on Speterber 23rd at Bloc, with special guests Penguins Kill Polar Bears. Entry is free, so get down early!


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