Monday, 25 October 2010

Keeping It Peel - Close Lobsters

How can I do Peel Sessions and not mention the most famous indie band from Paisley ever?
Time for local heros Close Lobster then.

Mostly first noticed due to their inclusion on NME's C86 tape with Firestation Towers, that landed them a deal with Fire Records - who on a side note seem to shaft every artist they work with, as far as the horror stories I've heard about them go.

Only two albums to their name, Foxheads Stalk This Land and Headache Rhetoric, along with a handful of singles. Word has it that there's a Greatest Hits in the works, but I heard that ages ago so take that with a pinch of salt.

Just the one Peel Session to chose from, so you can find it below.

Close Lobsters - John Peel Session 15.12.1987
4. Mirror Breaks
For more information on Keeping It Peel visit the website set up here.


  1. Close Lobsters were one of the bands I missed. Never heard them until recently.

    Thanks for posting.

    All of these post actually. Puts my effort (on Football and Music) into the shade.

  2. Jim

    The Greatest Hits might be this

    essentially a singles collection

    anyway cheers for this. i loved the lobsters

  3. Och, I'd completely forgotten that had came out, that'll be it!

  4. Fair comments all round esp the stuff in relation to Fire Records. Like the end scene in Apocalypse Now when Kurtz says,'The Horror....The Horror!'
    Forever Until Victory is the singles retrospective. cheers

  5. BLESS YOUR SOUL FOR LETTING ME HEAR THESE!!! I'm the only person I know in the US that is obsessed with this band!