Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day Twenty: The Stormy Seas

Only a few more of these posts to go. I'll need to find something new to occupy me after this week is over.
Maybe counting Readers' Poll entries? So far that's a simple task, since there's only a handful of them to count up. Go here to find out how to vote, you still have some time.

Today's song comes from The Stormy Seas. They released their debut album last month, and it is rather good. Have a wee listen here. Now they've gotten all festive, with a wee Christmas song.

The Christmas Before Last is available to download free from Bandcamp.

The Stormy Seas: Website - Bandcamp


  1. It's on my massive, massive list of things to do our kid. Maybe come such a point that I actually decide on my list...

    How long have we got to vote? Yeah, I could click on the link - I may just do that.

  2. Polls open till Boxing Day! Plenty time left to vote.